Welcome to the Small Additional Spring Libraries (SASL)

SASL is - like it is named - a small collection of additional components for the springframework which might be possibly useful for others. Such components are for example aspects that might be helpful and value adding in J2EE environments. Because the project is just starting and a "happy weekend" project, the offer of components is really, really rare.

Notice, that there exists absolutely no direct relationship to the springframework. This is just another third party project.


2010-07-12 (Philipp Förmer)

There exists now a distributed lock aspect (in sasl-aop-distributed-library) and a distributed lock library (sasl-distributed-lock-library) which offer in combination distributed lock support via annotations (static and dynamic lock keys). The aspect offers also lock session handling (allocation, cleanup).

Currently hazelcast is supported as an underlying lock provider. Unfortunately hazelcast does not give deadlock detection support actually. Other distributed lock providers are possible (one interface must be implemented).

Documentation in the wiki will follow the next days.

2010-05-30 (Philipp Förmer)

The sasl-common-aspect-library was shattered into different small libraries, what also implied some package refactoring. Someone mentioned that it is very unlovely to use some components of the library and buying this with putting a lot of other libraries into the classpath - possibly never needed. I hope its a little bit better now and the work for you, because of the package refactoring, is very limited.

For the next future a library which helps by distributed locking operations is planed.