Package net.sf.sasl.language.placeholder.aop.interpreter

Interface Summary
IEnvironment Interfaces defines methods that an interpreter offers placeholders on calling them.
IInterpreter Interfaces defines methods that a placeholder script interpreter must implement.
IPlaceholderResolver Interface defines methods that a placeholder resolver must implement.
IPlaceholderResolverSymbolTable Interface defines methods that a placeholder symbol table must support.

Class Summary
ASTInterpreter Small interpreter that can interpreter a placeholder script given as an abstract placeholder syntax tree.
Environment Default implementation of the environment interface.
PlaceholderResolverSymbolTable Default implementation of IPlaceholderResolverSymbolTable.

Enum Summary
TargetMethodExecutionPhase Defines phases of a target method invocation at which a placeholder script could gets interpreted.

Exception Summary
ResolveException Exception class for all sort of errors that at placeholder resolver by trying to resolve a placeholder.

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