Package net.sf.sasl.language.placeholder.syntax

Interface Summary
ITreeWalker Interface defines methods which must be offered by an asbtract placeholder syntax tree tree walker.

Class Summary
ASTNode Root class for all abstract syntax tree nodes of the placeholder grammar.
GeneratedParser CUP v0.11a beta 20060608 generated parser.
GeneratedSymbols CUP generated class containing symbol constants.
PlaceholderNode Defines a placeholder node.
PlaceholderScriptParser Small adapter to a cup generated LALR(1) placeholder parser.
PlaceholderScriptScanner Small adapter to a jflex generated placeholder scanner.
ScriptNode Defines a script node, which is the root node of each placeholder script.
SimplePrefixTreeWalker A simple tree walker to walk an abstract placeholder syntax tree.

Exception Summary
ParseException Exception class for all "errors" that can occur during parsing.
ScanException Exception class for all "errors" that can occur during code scanning.

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